Above fire, below the lake

Illustrations inspired by the I CHING or Book of Changes

Foreword by C.G. Joung

“…If a handful of matches is thrown to the floor, they form the pattern characteristic of that moment. But such an obvious truth as this reveals its meaningful nature only if it is possible to read the pattern and to verify its interpretation, partly by the observer’s knoweledge of the subjective and objective situation, partly by the character of subsequent events.

…The ancient Chinese mind contemplates the cosmos in a way comparable to that of the modern physicist, who cannot deny that his model of the world is a decidedly psychophisical structure.”

C.G. Jung
Zurich, 1949

The Richard Wilhelm translation
Rendered into English by Cary F.Baynes

Date: 2010-2016
Materials: marker pen on paper
Format: book
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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