The video "Untitled" is 10 minutes long.
It's purpose is to witness a drawing being made, a step towards the viewer was taken in order to embrace him/her during the process of drawing.
As the video was projected in real size, a sense of quirkiness emerged and few questions raised, such as: Was the person that was drawing real or not? At first the illusion was strong, as the space was so big that you could walk for a long time before approaching the actual projection, once clear you found yourself in a different territory, a strange environment being drawn at a speedy rhythm, almost satirical, sounding as a woodpecker in the jungle of Peckham.
On the floor you could feel sand to help approaching the elsewhere and the playful nature of the work, the viewer was also invited to live a trace in the sand as a way to allow play without need of explanation and a response to the drawing.

Untitled (2008), 10 minutes, video used in the installation.

Untitled (2008), Video documentation of the installation during private view.

Untitled (2008), sand, video projection, dimensions variable, installation shots

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