Live Imaginary Landscapes

By creating a drawing live for a public, Marta's intention is to celebrate the moment and the place in which a drawing is done. As life keeps us busy it is not easy to stop and just be or make with no other intention rather than to observe or reflect. Doing so simply brings immense benefit.
For Imaginarius Marta intended to share her practice, to make a drawing intervention on the walls of Santa Maria da Feira and to use video in order to experiment with ideas and visual illusions. Space around us is valuable and we should take time to understand it and to give value to it. Any wall is a possible surface.

Technical support by Edgar de Oliveira and documentation by Angela Alegria

Date: May 2013
Event: Imaginarius festival internacional de teatro da rua
Location: S. Maria da Feira, Portugal

Material: waterbased pigment on cement
Dimensions: 11m x 2.50m

Images by Angela Alegria

At night we projected on the top wall the video of the drawing being made on the wall below, we adapted the projection to the space so it created a new layer and somehow continued the endless process of drawing as a loop.

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