A long lasting friendship.

Marta and Elena Cecchinato met back in 2005 in London, in 2007 Elena organized the show: "Push, breath Lovely!" at the Sweet Tea House Gallery in London where Marta showed the installation Welcome Mr K. 

In 2008 as part of the Big Draw Marta Elena and Maia Sambonet organized an exhibition called Switch Supposing and exposed their installations in the Sawmill of Area10, London.

In the summer of 2013 Elena Cecchinato spent 10 days in residency at the Roundabout. LX in Lisbon, the studio where Marta practices. 

They produced a very playful and extensive body of work, inspired by a hunting nest. With a blackboard as a background, here are some experiments shown amongst many others that will be reviled in the future.

Date: 2013
Material: chalk on blackborad
Dimensions: variable
Location: Roundabout.LX Lisbon, Portugal

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